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"RoboCup’s official goal is for a robot team to defeat the human World Cup champions by 2050. Indeed, a highlight of the games is always the final match, between the top team of robots and some talented amateurs. "
not sure about the 'talented amateurs' but this is decent.

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'Amen Break' Creator Getting Long-Delayed Compensation for Iconic Sample

Amen to that.

The Winstons' Richard L. Spencer, who helped craft the "Amen, Brother" beat sampled countless times in music, is finally being repaid for his contribution

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No time for notes in this meeting ;)

Ninja Jamm - Enter The Mix

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A two part Featurette featuring Nathan


Thanks Flyotw!

A two part Featurette featuring Nathan "Flutebox" Lee & Biscuit. Chilled sessions fuelled by musical genius. Please show some love and subscribe here for mor...

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